When I returned from 6 weeks of alternative breast cancer treatment in Germany in the Fall of 2015, I was ready to make sure that all of my body care products wouldn't contribute to negative health effects. I changed my hair products, my make-up, and anything else I put near or on my skin. Many of these products contain known, probable, or suspected carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancer) and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) which is important to avoid in the case of reproductive health cancers.

Colleen Flowers Beautycounter

I Love Beautycounter

A friend introduced me to Beautycounter and I haven't looked back. It's important to me that companies list all of the ingredients they use and that each product contains a full list of ingredients. The European Union bans or restricts more than 1,300 ingredients, and the United States has only banned 11 ingredients. Beautycounter has banned 1,500 ingredients, forming what they call The Never List.

All of their products are listed on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database and I was impressed to learn that they partner with the Breast Cancer Fund who's mission is to expose and eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer. Many organizations cite that 5-10% of cancers are caused by genetics while the remaining 90-95% are cause by our environment.

Beautycounter's full line of products include:

  • Skin Care - Cleansers & Toners, Moisturizers, Face Oils & Serums, Eye Care, Sun Protection, and Lip Care
  • Makeup - Face, Eyes, Lips, Makeup Removers, and Brushes & Bags
  • Bath & Body - Moisturizers, Body Wash & Scrubs, Hair Care, Sun Protection, Shaving, and Hand Care
  • Family - Babies & Kids

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