I don’t like pills or IUD’s as birth control, and I don’t want to get pregnant. Charting gives me the confidence in knowing my body/cycles better and hope to use it as birth control in a couple months.
— Lila*, Colorado, USA
Charting has created more intimacy in our relationship, more understanding of the body, and more confidence in using the method to avoid pregnancy.
— Abby*, Colorado, USA
Thanks Colleen! We really enjoyed the class & thought your presentation was extremely professional.
— Kate*, Colorado, USA
Having the chance to review my data with you during a follow-up helped confirm I was interpreting my chart correctly. You were so patient and happy to take the time to ensure I had thorough answers to my questions. Thank you!
— Molly*, Pennsylvania, USA
Just wanted to say that we loved meeting with you - we’re super hyped about the possibilities!
— Erin*, Colorado, USA
We have been very busy getting ready for the arrival of our new little one! Thank you for all of your support as I learned so much about my body. I feel particularly aware of my gratitude as we prepare to birth and I know / trust my body in a whole new way. I truly credit what we learned with the fertility awareness method as being a significant part of that journey. Thank you.
— Ruth*, Colorado, USA
Thanks so much for the class! So much wonderful information!
— Helen*, Colorado, USA
Hurray!! Thanks for your help. We did it!! Our hearts are full of gratitude. My husband and I both thought you did a great job helping us understand things, and we are certainly pleased with the results!! We really appreciated your help and will always remember you as an important part of our story in conceiving this child!
— Janna*, Colorado, USA
At 41 years old, I finally know when my period is coming - liberating!
— Charlotte*, Colorado, USA
I love that I can share this information with my partner and both of us are better able to understand my cycle and what is happening in my body at various times of the month.
— Molly*, Pennsylvania, USA
Before I met you I did not even know I had a luteal phase! It is very neat to have this awareness.
— Brittney*, Colorado, USA

 *None of these are their real names.

More Praise...

I got great feedback from my students regarding your FAM presentation. They thought you were a fabulous presenter and really enjoyed the material. Thanks again!
— Professor of Nutrition Class (Spring 2013)
Colleen has taken up educating women about their bodies and fertility awareness with great enthusiasm and careful thought. Her endeavours in the community are proving fruitful. I look forward to her growing presence in this field.
— Geraldine Matus, Founder of The Justisse Method
You did a really great job at speaking.
— Certified Nurse Midwife (Fall 2013)
Colleen was an amazing speaker... I really liked her presentation... Fantastic presentation... Enthusiastic presenter... Great speaker, fun and funny, easy to listen to... This presenter was excellent... Thanks for a great presentation... This was a wonderful presentation. Thank you, Colleen.... Very dynamic speaker... Very enjoyable presenter, she was very enthusiastic about her topic and had memorable points and phrases.
— Midwives, Student Midwives, and Others (Spring 2014)


"Thank you for really taking the time to analyze my charts and I really appreciate your insights. It makes me feel more confident discussing the different theories to support various due dates. I hadn't even noticed some things that you pointed out that could be helpful in evaluating things. Thank you for all of your help!"


"Charting worked beautifully for about 6 months to avoid pregnancy and then it worked really efficiently for a month to get pregnant. Thank you."

November 2013

"I greatly appreciate your knowledge about fertility--but in this moment--I am even more grateful for your emotional support in getting pregnant and your reminder of the way that life plays out in general. Thank you with much love and sincerity."

October 2013

"Thanks for your flexibility with me. I know it's not exactly a conventional scenario. I appreciate your openness :-)"

September 2013

"You're a ray of sunshine in some of our depressing and dreary days... I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true.. so thanks! :-)"

August 2013

"Thank you for the great class. I am pleased that we came. I wish you the best as I feel this is greatly needed information." - Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (acupuncturist)


April 2015

"I wanted to let you know that I had my baby at the beginning of March! I am so happy to finally be a mom. I wanted to thank you again for all your help while I was trying to conceive. I really believe that I may not have been able to conceive when I did if I hadn't received all of your tips."

March 2015

"Thank you for all the time that you spent researching for me. I will check out these resources and see what I can find and solve the issue. I love that women's natural conditions are no longer confined 'to their heads' like they were in my training days as a nurse, or to take this pill or that capsule."

February 2015

"Thanks so much for the detailed information today! This was extremely helpful for us as we learn about fertility & reproduction, I learned so much that I never knew before. You are very educated and skilled at what you do and you present in a way that is easy to understand, thank you for your hard work to develop yourself as a valuable teacher to us and I'm sure many others!"

January 2015

"Thanks for such a wonderful afternoon. It was a pleasure to meet you and experience your class."

December 2014

"I can't thank you enough for your support and wisdom. I truly feel like learning all of this has made me feel like I finally have control over something that I have never felt that I had control over. I've enjoyed this process even with its ups and downs. You have a gift!"

December 2014

"I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me as I tried to get pregnant and then throughout my first trimester. Your support and kind words during what was a difficult time for me were truly a source of comfort. I am happy to report that the rest of my pregnancy was wonderful and we welcomed our beautiful baby this past summer. Thanks again. :)"

November 2014

"I have had a lot of side effects on birth control pills and my boyfriend and I are really excited about using FAM. I have been struggling for years and my doctors never mentioned FAM to me as an alternative contraceptive method. I've done a lot of reading on how effective it is if done correctly. I want to take a class to make sure I'm doing it correctly."

October 2014

"Your guidance in my efforts to chart my cycles is so valuable and empowering to me. I am so happy to have you as part of my support team. I will enthusiastically recommend you to friends - and share what I've learned with my young daughters as they grow."

September 2014

"Talking to you was very encouraging and I just wanted to say that I really appreciated it... You've given me so much hope..."

August 2014

"Thanks so much for being such an awesome sounding board!"

July 2014

"I want to thank you for all the guidance and support you've provided me over the past few months. You were so patient and thorough. You taught me how to keep and read my fertility chart which made me aware of when I was most likely to conceive which is hopefully why I'm pregnant now! You also kept me calm and hopeful during the months when I didn't conceive. I will definitely recommend you to other women! 
Thank you so much!"

June 2014 

"Thank you so much for being a sounding board, guidance, and teaching me that my ovaries are not connected to my fallopian tubes!!!"

May 2014

"I appreciate the help that you were to me on this journey and will continue to recommend you to others I meet along the way :-)"

April 2014

"Thank you so much for your easy to understand and fun teaching class. It was such a nice refresher for both of us! We really appreciate what you do and we think you are wonderful at it!"