Reproductive Health Q&A at "Feel Good Fair!"

This Saturday, October 18, 2014... there's a lot going on! And it's all day... 9am-5pm!

RSVP  here !

RSVP here!

Wills & Wellness is hosting a "Feel Good Fair!" At 2pm-3pm I'll be offering a Reproductive Health Q&A and talking about fertility, sex, reproductive health and everything in between with natural and holistic ideas in mind. Topics during the 45 minute Q&A will vary and be based on what participants ask! Some discussions may include:

  • environmentally-friendly menstrual products
  • toxin-free lubes
  • natural suggestions for managing PMS
  • non-hormonal options for birth control
  • talking to tweens and teens about their bodies
  • ways to avoid EDCs (endocrine-disrupting chemicals like BPA)
  • natural ways to increase fertility and overall reproductive health

The Q&A may also include the basics of cycle charting which can be used to naturally (and effectively!) avoid pregnancy, help you get pregnant, or give you more information about your body (like when to expect your period).

Other topics by various presenters throughout the day will include:

Awesome, right? And it's all FREE!

Let me know if you're planning on coming to the Reproductive Health Q&A at 2pm. And remember to RSVP here... See you this Saturday!