Heading back to Germany...

In case you haven't heard it through the grapevine... this time next week I'll be at the Hufeland Klinik in Germany for another 4 weeks of alternative cancer treatment. I'm really excited to go!

I most recently met with my oncologist in April and all of my lab work continues to look good. Based on that, my all-clear PET/CT scan results, and alternative cancer testing results, the doctors I work with at Hufeland recommended that I come back for 4 weeks of treatment... so I'm following their advice. I'll be receiving treatment there from Tuesday, May 24 to Tuesday, June 21. Because it's still within 2 years of being given the diagnosis of breast cancer, I consider this to be initial or primary treatment. I think once we get to June 2017, then we can consider any treatment I do more like "maintenance."

While I'm there I won't be checking any email (or this site), but I'd love to get snail mail from any and all of you! And if after all of these months you're still praying for me, please let me know! Here's the address:

Hufeland Klinik
Löffelstelzer Straße 1-3
97980 Bad Mergentheim
(with "Attn: Colleen Flowers" on the bottom left)

Thank you again for all of your love and support throughout the past 11 months. I've done quite a bit of writing and talking with people also given the diagnosis of cancer and look forward to doing more when I return. A few days ago I launched my Holistic Cancer Education website... www.ColleenFlowers.com... I recommend starting with this blog post "Newly Diagnosed with Cancer? 5 Things I Wish I Had Known."