The Message of Stress: Reproduction is Expendable

When I’m teaching my clients the Fertility Awareness Method, the subject of stress invariably comes up. Why? Because it is RAMPANT in our culture and society. An NPR blog chats a bit about how OVERWHELMED we all feel if you’re one of the lucky few that needs proof the rest of us are stressed out.

But we’re not supposed to live under the constant stress that we do. What we’re telling our body (in caveman terms) is that there is a TIGER chasing us on the SAVANNAH and we need to RUN!

Reproduction is not necessary for survival, so while our bodies are busy getting blood and oxygen to our heart, lungs, and brain… and then to our muscles… and then maybe to our digestion… it will think about whether or not it wants to send precious resources to our reproductive organs. Stress sends the message, “This is not a good time to get her pregnant. She can’t run from the tiger while she’s pregnant for nearly a year… and she certainly can’t run from the tiger while she’s breastfeeding a new child for a year or more. So let’s protect her and prevent a pregnancy."

What you’ll often hear me telling my clients about stress reduction is 1 of 2 things: either add something to your life or subtract something from you life. Add exercise or eating healthier or meditation or a support group or something else that adds GOODNESS to your life. Or… say “no" more often or resign from a committee or turn off the screen (tv, computer, tablet, phone, etc) more or give yourself a break.

If you need even more ideas, Zen Habits gives great hints on “The Art of Letting Go." Enjoy!