TTC - Why Charting Your Cycle Can Help You Get Pregnant!

If you feel like your body’s fertility is a big mystery to you, it doesn’t have to be that way! Learning to chart your cycle using the Fertility Awareness Method will help you answer some pretty important questions:

  • “Am I ovulating?" 
  • "Is my period late because I’m pregnant or because I’m stressed out?"
  • "Is this a late period or a miscarriage?" 
  • "Why can’t I get pregnant?" 
  • "Is my vaginal discharge supposed to be like this?" 
  • "How many times do I ovulate each cycle?”

Charting can help you consciously conceive your child, know the optimal time for conception to occur, and have useful information to present to health care providers & alternative practitioners. 

I’ll be teaching a “Fertility Awareness to Achieve Pregnancy" class on Monday, June 24 at 6:30pm at Natal to Nest in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Register online at Natal to Nest or by phone 303-221-6378 ($60/couple)

Come find out how you can easily answer all those questions about your body’s fertility!