Why Cervical Fluid is #1!

When women first learn to chart using the Fertility Awareness Method, more often than not, they seem to use their Basal Body Temperature (BBT) as the most important fertility sign… but it’s not!

I can understand (and even relate) as to why that is… it’s a number you can record… it’s objective… it’s black and white… there’s no guesswork. But in the end, it’s retrospective… it’s what’s happened “back there" and when charting cycles, we want to know what’s “going to happen," particularly when ovulation is about to occur. We want to know when we’re fertile (ovulation is just around the corner) and when we’re not fertile (ovulation is still far off or it happened awhile ago).

That’s where the importance of charting Cervical Fluid (CF) comes into play. For a variety of reasons, CF is the definition of fertility! But a lot of women are confused about interpreting their CF and what it means. There can be a lot of, “I’m pretty sure I’m not fertile, but I’m not certain." That’s why finding an instructor that’s qualified to teach the FAM is so important! If you’re confused about what your CF is and means, I encourage you to find the answers to your questions by coming to one of my classes or finding a teacher in your area. Our Cervical Fluid is speaking a language, we just have to learn how to be a part of the conversation!