Introductory Classes

Attending an introductory class in-person or virtually (the Natural Birth Control online class video is here!) ensures that both of us are speaking the same language. Because there are so many different styles of learning & teaching the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) or Natural Family Planning (NFP), this class sets a good foundation for future conversations & learning. Also, there's a lot of inaccurate information about what's "normal & typical" for women's reproductive health.

There's nothing worse than you having a ton of questions about your reproductive health or chart, but before I can even begin to answer your questions, I have a ton of questions to ask you! It can be as simple as, "Colleen, why do I have irregular cycles?" Theoretically I could go on & on about all the different theories as to what causes irregular cycles, but first I need to ask you, "What about your cycles makes you think they are irregular?" There's a good chance that by the end of our conversation, we'll agree that your cycles aren't irregular at all just because they don't fit into the typical "28-day" cycle! 

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