Take Control of your Birth Control!

Many women have already learned about and use the Fertility Awareness Method to avoid pregnancy naturally. For those who have no idea what it is… your mind will be blown!

You can scientifically rely on the signs that your body gives you throughout your cycle to let you know when you’re fertile and not fertile. To attain the highest effectiveness (up to 99.6%) it’s recommended you chart your cycle for 3 months before using it to avoid pregnancy, meet with a qualified teacher 2-3 times during that time to answer your questions and interpret your signs and chart, and be MOTIVATED to avoid pregnancy :)

I’ll be teaching a class at Blossom Wellness Center (a part of Mountain Midwifery Center) on Tuesday, April 30 at 6pm. It’s $40/person or $50/couple and you can register by calling 303-954-9399.