Why BBT is #2!

When women chart their fertility signs using the Fertility Awareness Method, we’ve already learned from a recent blog post "Why Cervical Fluid is #1!"

Taking her basal body temperature first thing in the morning usually lets a woman know if she has or hasn’t ovulated yet. It doesn’t tell her if her fertile time has started (which is VERY important) but it can tell her that her fertile time has ended (another important factor). If she’s trying to get pregnant and she sees her temp has gone up, it’s often too late to have sex for conception. If she’s avoiding pregnancy, she’s fertile for the 5 or so days BEFORE her temp goes up… and there’s no way to predict the future!

Also, getting accurate morning temperatures is of the utmost importance. If her temps are inaccurate (she slept in, drank alcohol the night before, got up to pee in the middle of the night, is coming down with a cold, etc.), then her chart is inaccurate. If her chart is inaccurate, then any information we try to extrapolate from it will probably be wrong.

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