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“You were taught to value and expect something from your sexuality that does not match what your sexuality actually is. You were told a story about what would happen in your sexual life, and that story was false. You were lied to. I am pissed, on your behalf, at the world for that lie. And I’m working to create a world that doesn’t lie to women about their bodies anymore.”
Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life by Emily Nagoski, PhD

Maggi Fitzpatrick

Maggi Fitzpatrick

On Tuesday, May 12 at 6pm, join other women and Maggi Fitzpatrick, a Certified Sex Therapist and owner of Fitzpatrick Family Therapy, as we screen the movie Orgasm Inc. and talk about the cultural forces that surround a woman's healthy sexuality.

  • Pharmaceutical companies racing to make the first 'pink Viagra' (a medication designed to treat the new 'disease' of Female Sexual Dysfunction) and...
  • How porn distorts the reality of sex and...
  • How important context is: " 'If you’re not responding sexually, is your stress level high, is your trust level low, where’s the affection in your relationship, and is it sexy yet?' Then the problem isn’t you, the problem is the context, and you can influence and change a lot of things about your context" (Emily Nagoski talking to Common Health) and...
  • What is "NORMAL" and...
  • More!
Write here...

Write here...

"In the shocking and hilarious documentary Orgasm Inc., filmmaker Liz Canner takes a job editing erotic videos for a drug trial for a pharmaceutical company. Her employer is developing what they hope will be the first Viagra drug for women that wins FDA approval to treat a new disease: Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). Liz gains permission to film the company for her own documentary. Initially, she plans to create a movie about science and pleasure but she soon begins to suspect that her employer, along with a cadre of other medical companies, might be trying to take advantage of women (and potentially endanger their health) in pursuit of billion dollar profits. Orgasm Inc. is a powerful look inside the medical industry and the marketing campaigns that are literally and figuratively reshaping our everyday lives around health, illness, desire — and that ultimate moment: orgasm.
"Upbeat, engaging, enlightening, and provacative, Orgasm Inc. will change the way you think about sex." (

How the night will look...

6pm-6:30pm - Arrive, enjoy refreshments, find a seat
6:30pm-8pm - Watch Orgasm Inc.
8pm-9pm - Participate in discussion facilitated by Maggi & Colleen

***The first 3 women to register will receive a gift at the event***

Register at  EventBrite !

Register at EventBrite!

Registration for this FREE event is required as space is limited. Registration ends on Saturday, May 9, 2015. 

Light refreshments will be provided. And there will be door prizes!

For more information or questions, please contact me. Location and address will be provided after registration. 


May I bring my boyfriend/fiancé/husband/partner? 
To create a space that feels as safe as possible, this is a woman-only event.

Is there an age limit to attend this event?
Yes, all women must be at least 18 years or older.

Will there be wine... and chocolate... there?
Of course! Who are you kidding?!? Women + Sex = Wine & Chocolate

Is the free gift a sex toy?
Great question! Nope.

Colleen Flowers

Colleen Flowers is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner who loves teaching women and couples about their bodies from a natural and holistic perspective using the Fertility Awareness Method... to avoid pregnancy naturally, to increase their chances of conceiving, and to better understand their bodies! She teaches classes locally and online and offers one-on-one consults. (See what others have to say!) Feel free to contact her or subscribe to her newsletter.